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Purpose and Goals

SportGait’s forward-thinking research consortium connects resources to innovative medical technology in the pursuit of developing an efficient, affordable, and accessible concussion testing platform.

SportGait’s consortium goals are to establish an efficient, affordable, reliable, and scalable collaboration to:

  • Screening (Baseline Testing and Risk Factors)
  • Diagnosing (Identifying Patterns of Injury)
  • Monitoring (Following the Progression of Recovery)
  • Predicting Outcomes and Safe Return to Play (Prognosis)
Consortium Platform

SportGait Experience

Join leading Academic Researchers, Medical Clinicians, and Solution Innovators to advance knowledge of concussion.


  • Identify promising advancements in concussion measurement technology for diagnosis, treatment, and recovery
  • Review academic and clinical research to discover opportunities to advance current concussion knowledge


  • Design controlled research studies to measure the reliability and validity of new assessments
  • Receive support from leading researchers and Master Intuitional Review Board authorization
  • Conduct research studies at-scale through our network of academic and clinical partners
  • Collaborate in real-time on the the latest research data using our connected data-science platform


  • Publish collaborative research papers with support from leading academic institutions
  • Distribute validated concussion assessment technology through our network of practicing clinical partners
  • Lead the way with the latest evidence-based concussion assessment technology in your practice
Our Ecosystem


SportGait’s Consortium utilizes sophisticated technology with the goals of providing data to analyze, facilitating research studies, and publishing the results.


  • Continually refine the SportGait Clinical Decision Support System by identifying objective measures to improve concussion assessment and recovery decisions.
  • Obtain feedback on the technology from users from users on new concussion technology.
  • Deliver new concussion technology to medical providers
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Our Ecosystem

Medical Providers

SportGait’s consortium is a versatile portfolio of technologies that can be used in a variety of medical settings and specialties.


  • Enhanced knowledge of advanced diagnosis, monitoring, and prognosis in concussion.
  • Opportunities to Alpha and Beta test promising technologies and tools
  • Collaborate on presentations, publications, and other scholarly activity.
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Our Ecosystem


SportGait’s Consortium connects with Higher Education to be at the forefront of innovative studies.


  • Access to large volumes of deidentified data
  • Collaboration on research design, conduct of studies, and publications
  • Access to latest innovations in the concussion field
  • Oversee administrative process of Institutional Review Board approvals
  • Provide a valuable service to your institution while collecting research data.
  • Access to latest innovations
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Discover Our

Consortium Platform

Benefit from the collaboration and productivity of research studies to receive acknowledgement in the published papers and better the medical science behind concussion care.

We accomplish these benefits through the collaboration of Medical Providers, Academia, and Innovators of Concussion

  • Expertise

    Collaboration of Medical Providers, Academia, and Innovators of Concussion Technology

  • Technology

    Identifying and detecting informative measurements

  • Data Science

    Collecting and analyzing data with purpose

  • Process Standardization

    Standardization to enhance data sharing

Sportgait Consortium

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Benefit from the infrastructure for the consortium by leveraging large volume data collection, professionals to analyze results, and collaborate on study and market findings.

Please Note

The SportGait system is a clinical decision support (CDS) tool for use by medical professionals. It is not a diagnostic instrument. Drs. Len Lecci and Julian Keith are consultants for SportGait.

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