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Introducing Groundbreaking Ecosystem for Concussion Decision Support

Provide highly effective care and support through our comprehensive, disruptive, and interconnected ecosystem

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How Our Ecosystem Works

Interconnected and specialized concussion analysis, evaluation and monitoring platform to protect, educate and connect athletes.

For Medical Providers

Use a highly reliable, validated profitable, and comprehensive battery to support clinical decisions

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For Sports Organizations

Organize and launch a highly effective evidence-based concussion protection program for your athletes to promote their overall well-being and get better outcomes.

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For Athletic Trainers

Automate documentation, communication and make informed decisions with this disruptive tool to support athletes while staying focused on their recovery.

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For Athletes and Families

Use this highly reliable and objective tool to measure behaviors and monitor progress in order to mitigate the impact of concussion and help athletes return to play with complete confidence. This unique tool provides medical professionals with precise evaluations.

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Evidence-Based Ecosystem for Concussion Support

Why Choose Our Scalable, Flexible, and Highly Reliable Platform for Concussion Care and Support?

SportGait provides a premium, state-of-the-art technology to assess and monitor concussions, allowing athletic trainers and other medical professionals to be confident in the return to play decision process through robust assessments. Moreover, we have designed this platform to provide athletes and their families with education about the impact of concussion.

It is a highly scalable, flexible, and reliable platform that uses proven batteries of assessments and tools to provide accurate insights into the behavior of athletes following concussions allowing medical professionals to develop personalized therapies.


Annual US concussion rate (50% go unreported) 2


12% concussion rate in youth athletes 3


15% of High School athletes have 1 or more concussion 4


6% of High School athletes have 2 or more concussion 4


Our Platform

See how SportGait can support you through our interconnected platform of apps:

  • Detection and Tracking

    With SportGait app technology, we can help you detect and track concussions. Its specialized and highly sophisticated AI allows you to have a clear picture of concussion and provide you with detailed analysis using proven and reliable assessment tools.

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  • Valid and Objective Measurements

    This platform provides you with valid and objective measurements. It helps medical professionals and athletic coaches support their decisions regarding an athlete’s condition from diagnosis till recovery.

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  • User-Friendly Platform

    A single platform is enough to navigate regulatory complexities involved in the process of evaluation and treatment of concussions among athletes. It provides paperless information regarding all aspects of the process, ensuring the protection and health of athletes.

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  • Enhanced Transparency and Visibility

    SportGait technology enhances visibility and transparency of the entire process for the care providers, medical professionals, and athletic coaches. It ensures that you get transparent and neutral assessments that provide a clear picture of the athlete's condition and possible treatments.

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Medical Providers
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Sports Organizations
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Athletic Trainers
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Athletes and Families
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SOC 2 Type II

SportGait completes regular external audits with AICPA SOC 2 Type II reports, also including legal requirements with HIPAA, HITECH, and applicable state laws. Learn More

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