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Medical Providers

The SportGait Brain Physical™ is a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform that empowers medical providers by using valid and reliable neurocognitive and neuromotor measurements.

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How It Works

SportGait's EcoSystem equips Medical Providers with highly reliable and comprehensive neurocognitive and neuromotor assessments

SportGait Features:

  • Comprehensive Battery measuring neuromotor and neurocognitive functions
  • Easy to administer and interpret
  • Compare outputs to large age and gender normative data (Baseline is not required)
  • Track and visualize a patient’s recovery progress
  • Receive high reimbursements from insurance and works with all medical revenue models
Valid. Reliable. Measurements.

The Battery of Clinically Proven Assessments

SportGait uses a clinically proven battery, including neurocognitive and neuromotor assessments. It utilizes only highly reliable and medical-grade instruments that are known to deliver accurate results

  • Gait Observation

    Addresses issues regarding smoothness and nature of a patient’s gait

  • 4M Gait Analysis

    Measures dynamic postural stability and sway, specifically locomotion

  • BESS

    Measures static postural stability and sway

  • Neuropsych Test

    Measures executive function, attention, impulsivity, distractibility, processing speed, and variability in attention

Medical Providers

A Complete EcoSystem

Unlike other technologies in the industry, SportGait offers a complete ecosystem that is useful for all stakeholders, including athletes and their families, athletic organizations, coaches, and medical professionals.

Onboard Your Facilities

New Partnership Opportunities:
  • Full-Service system setup
  • Online Clinician Training Program
  • Optional: Host community baseline events

Assess Patient Brain Wellness

Profitable Patient Driver:
  • Easily administer SportGait's comprehensive battery
  • Compare patient results to normative data for easy interpretation
  • Submit insurance claim to receive high reimbursement rates

Track Recovery and Communicate with stakeholders

Better Patient Care:
  • Track and visualize patient's recovery
  • Securely communicate progress reports and treatment plans
  • Automatically send return to play/work clearance
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Sports Organizations


Increase visibility and awareness within your community


  • Conduct preseason baseline events
  • Assess neurocognitive and neuromotor functioning with reliable and valid measurement
  • Direct patients to your facility from the SportGait Mobile App
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Athletes and Families

Direct patients and their families to your facility from local sports organizations from the SportGait Mobile App.


Accurately measure Brain Wellness and communicate with parents and athletes


  • Connectivity within the local community
  • Easy-to-interpret visual results for communication with patients and families
  • Securely share results and treatment plans through an interconnected platform
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Athletic Trainers

SportGait promotes collaboration between Clinical Medical Providers and Athletic Trainers in the field for an advanced continuum of care.


Improve patient care by coordinating between athletic trainers in the field with medical providers in clinic


  • Standardizes the Brain Wellness assessment and communicates an athlete’s stage of recovery
  • Notifies Athletic Trainers to monitor an athlete’s recovery
  • Stay updated with Athletic Trainers notation of any abnormalities during recovery process accessible in the SportGait Medical App
Secure. Private. Compliant.

FDA Listed Medical Devices

CPT Cognitive is currently registered under 21 CFR Part 882. 1470- 510(K) Exempt. Class II. BKG™ Gait is currently registered under 21 CFR 890. 1600 - 510(k) exempt, Class I.

Additionally, SportGait completes regular external audits with AICPA SOC 2 Type II reports, also including legal requirements with HIPAA, HITECH, and applicable state laws.

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