Your event has teamed up with SportGait

To provide your child the best care possible incase of injury

Get the app and create your first athlete account

In order to participate, you must complete the following items a minimum of 72 hours before the event.

1. Download The App

The SportGait app can be found on iOS or Android by clicking the links or searching the app store for “SportGait.” For additional instructions, read below. 

2. Receive SportGait ID

In order for you child to be assigned a SportGait ID, you must fill out the initial information when prompted within the app.


3. Sign Agreement

You must sign and submit the Membership Agreement to the event director to benefit from the SportGait Membership. The agreement can found in the original email sent from your events director.

SportGait Membership includes concussion and X-Ray services at no additional costs.

See membership agreement for details.


The state of the art Brain Physical is utilized by the medical provider to pinpoint the extent of the injury, and establish a return-to-play plan at no additional cost.

Breaks, Sprains, and Strains

The affected area will be X-Rayed and splinted in a medical facility at no additional cost.

Minor Cuts

Bandaging and antibacterial medication is included at no additional cost.

Benefits of the SportGait System for Your Child

Eliminate Concussion Confusion
Coaches, doctors, and guardians follow state laws and CDC guidelines for a safe and quick return to play

Get to the right place, at the right time
Check symptoms and locate providers to ensure that medical decisions are made in the right medical environment and not the sidelines, while avoiding unnecessary costs

Receive the best possible care
SportGait-enabled providers are always up to date with the gold-standards for concussion testing, guaranteed.


How the Concussion Test & Tracker App Works


an account by downloading the Concussion Test & Tracker app


a profile for each athlete, use existing ID or create a new one


head impacts by logging HITS; make a note when removed from play


athlete for symptoms whenever you suspect a concussion


the proper provider for your needs based on symptoms


to play as quickly as possible, use Brain Physical to know when you’re safe

Download the free app

Get proactive about identifying and preventing injury