Protect your Business from the Cost of Slips, Trips and Falls with SportGait

Make sure that your medical provider is SportGait Equipped – from prevention to safe return

Workplace concussion has become the new lower back pain, costing businesses:

Employee wages, benefits, and employment costsc for an unknown time period

Unnecessary Emergency Room Visits

Increased annual insurance premiums

“[We] charted a whopping 48% increase from 2012 to 2014 in reported concussions that caused employees to lose time from work.”  SFM Workers’ Comp Insurer

SportGait Equipped Providers objectively measure neurocognitive and neuromotor performance to enable your providers to make more informed return to work recommendations so that:

Injured employees can return to work as soon as they have recovered

Only the most severe (5%) injuries are taken to the emergency room

No insurance reimbursements are filed, keeping your premiums low

SportGait equips our physicians with Neuropsych and Neuromotor assessments to pinpoint where each patient is in the recovery process

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