Provide better patient outcomes with the SportGait Concussion Management Platform

Provide Annual Brain Physicals, Brain Physical Exams and C.T.E. Monitoring

No physical is complete without a Brain Physical


Use the SportGait CMP to check for subtle changes to your patient’s gait – just ask the patient to walk down the hall.


Balance problems are one of the most common side effects of a concussion. By using a test with normative data, you don’t need a patient’s ‘baseline’ to know if their balance is off.


By measuring the patient’s cognitive abilities, clinicians can for check for signs of concussion weeks after the initial impact because their reaction time is often significantly reduced.

Validated Tests

Collect reliable and objective data to support medical judgement in diagnosing concussion and establishing recovery plans

Additional Revenue Stream

Create a new high margin reoccurring, plus per incident, revenue stream with reimburseable events or fee for services

Easy to Adopt

Effortlessly learn our platform thanks to an intuitive interface with pre-loaded instructions, scripts, and support.

Continuum of Care

Collaborate with your patients and referral network in a HIPPA compliant cloud environment

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