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How the SportGait System Works

brain physical for concussion management

The Brain Physical

Get a Brain Physical from a medical provider to check for subtle signs of a concussion and damage caused by sub-concussive hits over time

The SportGait ID

Injured at an away game? Switching to a new doctor? Share your SportGait ID with the provider to import your Brain Physical history.

The App

Parents, coaches and trainers can monitor multiple athletes and automatically sync recorded symptoms and treatment instructions with your physician’s records.

Benefits of the SportGait System

Eliminate Concussion Confusion
Coaches, doctors, and guardians follow state laws and CDC guidelines for a safe and quick return to play

CTE Monitoring
With an annual Brain Physical, your doctor can check for indicators of potential neurological conditions, such as C.T.E.

Get to the right place, at the right time
Use the app’s symptom checker to determine the right place to go in the event of a suspected concussion – avoid unnecessary trips to the ER.

Receive the best possible care
SportGait-enabled providers are always up to date with the gold-standards for concussion testing, guaranteed.

Help, even at away games
Locate nearby providers through the app and get contact info, directions to their facility, and hours of operation

Safely return to activity as quickly as possible
Coaches can add players to their account using the SportGait ID; they will get recovery updates automatically sent to their phone so they know when you are safe.

What is a Brain Physical?

A Brain Physical is made up of 3 simple tests – gait, balance, and neurocognitive – and are typically done once a year as a complement to your sports physical. Exam results are compared to normative data and/or your previous exam results to check for indications of long-term damage from sub-concussive hits, like C.T.E., or to manage a patient’s recovery following a concussion. The whole exam takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.

How the Concussion Test & Tracker App Works


an account by downloading the Concussion Test & Tracker app


a profile for each athlete, use existing ID or create a new one


head impacts by logging HITS; make a note when removed from play


athlete for symptoms whenever you suspect a concussion


the proper provider for your needs based on symptoms


to play as quickly as possible, use Brain Physical to know when you’re safe

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