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Concussion Management Can Be Confusing

There is no empirical definition of concussion. It is a medical judgement, oftentimes made using anecdotal evidence in an the wrong medical facility — assuming symptoms are recognized and the patient visits a doctor!

When an incident occurs, one of two mistakes typically follows:


The patient is take to the wrong place at the wrong time, because they don’t have access to succinct guidelines. They’ll schedule and wait for a PCP appointment, or visit an Emergency Room, and end up paying too much money for treatment.


Symptoms are unrecognized or downplayed, and the patient does not see a doctor at all.This is common in youth athletics, and puts organizations and players at risk in the event of further injury or death.

Medical providers are commonly forced to use invalid or unreliable instruments, because they did not have access to tools that detect concussion. Their uncertainty leads to a patient receiving confusing and irrelevant information, compromising their recovery regiment. Athletes rationalize an early return to play, risking second impact syndrome. “Concussed” employee’s capitalize on a lack of empirical data plus the burden of proof at the expense of their employers.

Early concussion management systems did a great job of raising awareness for baseline testing, but many commercialized proprietary instruments are less reliable than a coin flip. These systems are still in use today, providing a false sense of security, and even encouraging non-medical professionals to make medical decisions.

SportGait’s Concussion Management Platform Helps

  • Parents & Youth Athletes

    Position youth athletes for long term athletic and academic success

  • Youth Sports Organizations

    Preserve the game, while making it safer

  • Occupational Health Providers

    Supplement recurring revenue streams by offering clients a means to pinpoint the extent of an employee’s concussion and reduce out of work costs

  • Urgent Care

    Receive state of the art data to support medical judgement in diagnosing and establishing a recovery plan

  • Employers

    Prioritize employee health while minimizing expenses

  • Researchers

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  • Specialists

    Increase the quantity and quality of your referral partners and patient data

  • Payors

    Fund more effective treatment plans for less

  • Sponsors

    Impress a hyper-targeted audience by funding medical treatments for underprivileged youth athletes

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