Safe-to-Safe Concussion Management

SportGait tackles concussion confusion with a suite of applications that provides better patient outcomes


SportGait delivers context-driven knowledge across platforms to guide suspected concussions at the right time to the right place in the American Medical System.

Many concussion tools have empowered non-medical professionals to take an increasing role in medical decision-making, unknowingly putting “their patients” at-risk and breaking the law. SportGait distributes tools that incorporate non-medical professionals in critical aspects of concussion identification, monitoring, and recovery while diverting any and all medical evaluations and diagnosis to the right medical providers. In the youth athletic environment, this reduces considerable stress for coaches and staff while keeping athletes safer.


SportGait enables informed diagnostic decisions with normative and personalized data, followed by customizable best practice recovery regiments.

SportGait’s CMP manages concussion from patient acquisition through referral and recovery.Patients are delivered to SportGait Medical Partners who we equip and train to administer SportGait Brain Physical(TM) Baselines, Evaluations, and Recovery visits. Actionable data is gathered, and a standardized approach is presented for Doctors to determine next steps.


SportGait rigorously tests and curates the best proprietary and 3rd party evaluations.

Concussion is a diffuse injury to the brain affecting numerous brain functions, including both neurocognitive processes and motor control. SportGait’s Concussion Management Platform features a modular concussion assessment battery that abides by stringent medical standards called the SportGait Brain Physical. We are particularly focused on maintaining a high validity and reliability as some of the most commonly used measures to assess concussions suffer from low reliability.