If your athlete has experienced at HIT, you should take them through an Evaluation to check for any symptoms. They will be taken through a list of “danger signs” to figure out if they should be taken to the Emergency Room right away. If they are not experiencing any danger signs you can go on to check any other symptoms your athlete may be experiencing. If they have any symptoms they will be removed from play and need to see a medical provider. The app will give you a list of SportGait enabled medical providers near you.

1. Select the “Evaluate” tab, and select “Take Evaluation”.

2. Check off any danger signs that apply. If the athlete is experiencing any Danger Signs, he/she will need to be taken to the Emergency Room Immediately.

3. Select other signs that you observe the athlete to have. On the following page, select any symptoms that the athlete reports experiencing. If the athlete has any signs or symptoms, they will need to see a medical provider.

4. Select “Find a Doctor” to locate the nearest SportGait-enabled provider in your area.

If your athlete is experiencing signs or symptoms of a concussion, the athlete will automatically be listed as “Removed From Play”. You will be able to track their progress with CDC Return to Play guidelines and instructions. In addition, notes provided by the athlete’s medical provider can be pushed to your account to help keep you up to date on your athlete’s needs as they recover.

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