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“SportGait is a way for us to keep our children safe, healthy and keep our parents and coaches educated.”

Kathy Robinson, Executive Director
North Carolina Youth Soccer Association

How It Works

Concussion Safety Made Simple

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Why We Chose SportGait

These key features help to ensure all of our parents and youth athletes can be educated and prepared in the event of an injury.

User-Friendly Concussion Education

Learn CDC guidelines to recognize the signs and symptoms of a serious head injury
  • Complete concussion education from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Automatically sync with your athlete's sports organization

At-Home Sports Baseline

Complete sports baselines and measure or track gait and cognitive performance anytime, anywhere

Sideline Support

Follow the CDC Symptom Checker and receive guidance if an injury occurs

Supportive Ecosystem For Youth Athletes

Stay connected with your sports organization, medical providers, coaches and athletic trainers

Emotional Health Screening

Be proactive about your child’s emotional and behavioral health using the S.A.D. Screener

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SportGait?

SportGait is a concussion decision support app featuring education, CDC symptom checker and state of the art assessment technology.

Where can I learn about the science behind SportGait?

You can learn more about SportGait's dedication to delivering valid, highly reliable (consistent) and medical-grade assessments under the "Our Science" section of the app.

Have More Questions?

SportGait is available to help.
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