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Kathy Robinson, Executive Director
North Carolina Youth Soccer Association

Let's Improve the Numbers

We have the responsibility of over 70,000 youth athletes who play soccer with NCYSA

1 out of every 8 youth athletes are likely to get a concussion during the year. That’s 8,750 youth athletes in NCYSA that we can help return to play safely.

The Numbers

Recognized Symptoms

Without concussion education, athletes and parents are only able to recognize 15 of the 31 concussion signs/symptoms.

Return safely

Over 50% will potentially return to play before they have fully recovered and even more return to play without medical clearance.

Our Goal

Recognized Symptoms

Let’s make sure all of our parents, athletes and team staff know how to recognize a concussion.

Return safely

Let’s make sure all of our athletes return to play safely and fully recovered.

Team Effort

With participation from our sports organizations, we believe we can make a measurable change in these statistics.

Reduce Unrecognized SYMPTOMS
Increase Safe Return to Play

Why We Chose SportGait

These key features help to ensure injured athletes are removed from play and help them get back on the field as quickly and safely as possible.

Reduce Unrecognized Concussions

Seamless Concussion Education

Collect parent and athlete signatures for the CDC concussion education guidelines

Sideline Concussion Support

Follow the CDC Symptom Checker and receive guidance if an injury occurs
Increase Safe Return to Play

At-Home Sports Baseline

At-home sports baselines to help ensure athletes fully recover after an injury and return to play safely

Interconnected Ecosystem

Clearly communicate an athlete’s stage of recovery and receive return-to-play decision support

Standardized Injury Protocols

In-app removed from play procedures and return to play workflows following best practices

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SportGait?

SportGait is a concussion decision support app featuring education, CDC symptom checker and state of the art assessment technology.

How much does it cost?

For 2021, SportGait is offering all of the premium assessments in the app at no cost to families. For those participants that want to continue using these features in 2022 then these features will be provided to sports organization participants at 50% off (about $30 a year) for every year the athlete is playing.

How do I upload my roster?

You can send your roster to support@sportgait.com.

We require the following information for each athlete in any format: first and last name, date of birth, gender, at least one parent's email and the parent's first and last name.

You can also submit any additional information, such as, additional parent names and email addresses, team information, and a unique identifier for each athlete.

What if I don’t have my roster formatted correctly?

As long as your roster has all of the required information listed above, we can handle the formatting for you.

Where can I learn about the science behind SportGait?

You can learn more about SportGait's dedication to delivering valid, highly reliable (consistent) and medical-grade assessments under the "Our Science" section of the app.

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