Gait Observation Instruction Video



* The SportGait Course has no obstacles or barriers in the path.
* SportGait Sensors placed appropriately on the patient, turned on, lit emblem facing up.

Appropriate placement of sensors

* The Surface Hotspot is on.

* The sensors are online and connected to the surface.

Verify connectivity of sensors


Have the patient positioned behind the floor tape labeled ‘START’.  Their feet should not be touching the tape, but directly behind it. Instruct the patient as follows:

“When I say begin, please walk as you normally would to the end of the 25-foot line, then turn around and come back to the starting point.”

Before you tell the patient to begin, press the START button.  The icons for the sensors will turn blue and say RECORDING.

When all of the sensors are recording, tell the patient to begin. Pay attention to their posture and stability as they walk across the course.  You will be looking to see if they:

*Favor one leg
* Have gait instability
Have a broad or wide base

When the patient crosses back over the ‘START’ line, press ‘STOP’.  The sensor icons will turn yellow-orange and begin syncing the data.  You do not need to wait for them to finish in order to move on to the next assessment; they will finish running in the background.

Enter your findings in the area below the sensor icons. If they have any other abnormalities with their gait, make a note of that in the text box.

Preview of the test page: