Important information for the Neurocognitive Assessment

* Before starting, remove the SportGait Sensors and ask the patient to take care of whatever business (turn their phone to silent, take a bathroom break, get a drink of water, etc.) they need to before the test starts.

* Be sure to remove the SportGait Sensors and put them on the charger.

* Plug the Microsoft Surface in before starting the test.

* The test must be provided in a quiet environment with minimal distraction. Clear the desk where the respondent will be sitting, removing common items such as pens, papers or rulers. If there are windows in the room, the blinds should be shut to minimize distraction. The patient must be as distraction-free as possible, and the entire test must be completed in one sitting for a valid administration.

* Providers should remain with the respondent for the practice test. Once the patient has moved one on to the full test, the provider can leave the room until the test is complete. Everyone, including parents, should leave the room to help the patient focus.

* If you need to exit the test early, you can press CTRL + Q + Q.  This should be done out of view of the patient.

* You must enter the password “mhs” to leave the test and return to the SportGait app. This should be done out of view of the patient.