Check Out The Patient – First Procedural and Follow Up Evaluations

Depending on what type of SportGait Brain PhysicalTM you administered, the steps needed to check out the patient will differ.  The following instructions are for First Procedural and Follow-up evaluations.

If a First Procedural or Follow Up Evaluation has been administered, a facilitator MUST hand the test results over to a Medical Provider, so the proper treatment planning and guidelines can be met.

After reviewing the results, the provider will select “Doctor Recommendations” to be taken to the next screen. The provider will then select one of the options shown below based on the patient’s circumstances.

These provider’s recommendation will update the parent’s and athlete’s account in SportGait Mobile, providing them with the provider’s treatment instructions on how to manage the patient’s symptoms and track their recovery.

Once Treatment Plan options have been established and updated, you will select the blue “Check Out” option at the bottom of the screen.

PLEASE NOTE that when you select “Check Out” all of the test results and treatment instructions are to be considered final.  There is no way to edit the information once a patient has been checked out.