Important information for the Gait Speed Assessment

* Shoes must be removed prior to taking this test – The only exception is basic tennis shoes without thick or special soles.

* While performing the 4M Gait Test, it is very important to stop the timer at the EXACT moment that the patient steps over the front of the 4M mark.  DO NOT drop your hand or move it away from the surface screen after you start the timer.  Doing so delays your reaction time as the patient crosses the front of the 4M mark.

* The cone is placed at the “END” mark, NOT the 4M mark or the 25′ mark.

* It is important to read the text in the blue box verbatim, but it is also important to follow the instructions outside of the blue box.  The instructions outside of the blue box are for you, and they ensure that you and any other test administrators are administering the assessment the same way each time.