Getting the Sensors Set Up

Turn the sensors on by flipping the switch at the top of the sensor.  You may need to use the tip of a pen to flip the switch.

Make sure that the sensors you are using correspond to the Surface you are using.

Sensor Kit “SG07” corresponds with Surface “SPORTGAIT07”

Connect the sensors to the Surface by turning on the Hotspot on the Surface and then turning the sensors on. When the sensors are on, a blue light should appear. If the blue light is blinking, it means the sensor’s battery is low.

Appropriate placement of sensors

To properly put the sensors on the patient attach the sensor to the corresponding part of the body. There is a sensor for the Right Wrist, Right Leg and Left Leg, and the Sacrum. Make sure that the sensors are facing out. You want them snug enough that they do not move when the patient is moving, but not tight enough that they become a distraction.


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