Equipment Care and Maintenance

All items should be turned off, plugged in, and safely stored when not in use.


* The sensor battery life is four (4) hours of continuous use. The battery life should not be significantly affected over time even when they are left on the charger – the charger for the Sensors automatically shutoff when the sensors reach full battery.  If you notice a decrease in battery life, let a SportGait team member know.

* To clean the sensors and straps, use a standard antimicrobial cleaning solution.

Gait Course – Floor Tape

* The floor tape is durable and made for high traffic areas, so it can be cleaned along with the floor and it will not be damaged or accidentally removed.

* If for any reason you need to take the tape up, you must dissolve the before trying to remove the tape from the floor.

Storing the SportGait Kit

* Store the SportGait Kit in a secure location where it can be locked up, but also have access to an outlet.