When an athlete has a suspected head injury, SportGait will take that athlete through the Recognize & Remove and Certified Return to Play process via the SportGait Mobile application.

Recognize & Remove

SportGait Mobile includes the Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checker designed by the Centers for Disease Control. You, or anyone nearby with SportGait Mobile, should use this tool whenever an athlete sustains a blow to the head or body where a concussion is suspected.

As the symptom checker is used, you will be directed to the appropriate medical professional.

If the athlete is showing any danger signs of concussion, you will be immediately instructed to take the athlete to the ER and given the option to find an ER nearby. These symptoms indicate an emergency because there is a possibility of a brain bleed or brain swelling, and either can be life-threatening.

If the athlete is not showing any danger signs, but still has signs or symptoms of a concussion, the application will give you the option to find a nearby medical professional who can further evaluate the athlete for a concussion.


Certified Return to Play

Only a qualified medical professional can evaluate and diagnose someone with a concussion.

If a head injury is suspected, the athlete must be removed from play for at least 24 hours and only cleared to return to play by a qualified medical professional.

They should never be cleared and allowed to continue playing on the same day as a suspected injury as the symptoms may not start showing up right away.

The application will display nearby medical providers who are SportGait Partners, followed by other local urgent care centers.

The SportGait Brain Physical is used to provide doctors with decision support when a head injury is suspected as well as during recovery.

When a SportGait-enabled medical provider determines an athlete is safe to return to play, your profile will automatically update to show that they have been cleared to return to play.

If an athlete was cleared by someone other than a SportGait medical provider, you will need to upload a note provided by the medical professional stating that your athlete has been cleared to return to play. The request will show as pending in your profile until a club staff member declares your request approved. Your athlete will not be allowed to return to play until your request has been approved. Once approved, the athlete’s coach and club staff will be notified.

Additional safety or club resources may be found both within the SportGait Mobile learn section and the Club Portal.


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