SportGait Medical

Identify, manage, and monitor brain injury from incident through recovery.

Medical Grade. Cloud based. End-to-End.

Pre-employment Brain Physical screening evaluates a prospective employee for existing Neuromotor and/or Neurocognitive issues that would cause employer to be at risk of unwarranted workers comp claim.

Educate and equip clients with the tools and knowledge to identify brain injury, even in situations where the injury occurred before employment, is not reported, or witnessed.

Make diagnoses and return-to-work decisions with an accurate, reliable, and standardized battery of medical evaluations packaged in the SportGait Brain PhysicalTM.

Maintain a secure cloud database of neurological data, accessible to approved users while recruiting, promoting, and retiring employees, as well as defending claims.

SportGait Medical Overview

SportGait Medical

  • SportGait Brain Physical™ Baselines for personalized report in case of injury
  • SportGait Brain Physical™ Exams for diagnostic support
  • SportGait Brain Physical™ Recovery for a safe Return to Life
  • Annual SportGait Brain Physical™ for year-over-year C.T.E. Monitoring

Standardized process for ease of training and use

Recovery and Referral Management integrated with SportGait Mobile

Cloud System on Microsoft Surface Platform

Preview the tests

SportGait Mobile

Concussion Education

“Hit” Counter

CDC Symptom Checker

OCC Med locater with dialer / directions

Medical History / BP Results

SportGait Brain Physical™ Recovery integrated with SportGait Medical

Connect employee, medical provider and HR from injury through return to work

What’s Included

Microsoft Surface Tablet with SportGait Medical preloaded

Preferred listing in SportGait Mobile

Training videos and reference guide

Marketing kit

Sensors (x4)

Floor tape (x4)

Balance pad

Tape measurer

Chargers for Surface and Sensors

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